"We got 2 kittens (a blue male and a lilac female) from Arzani in March 2002. We were not planning on getting our kittens for a couple of months when I contacted Arzani, but once Helen emailed us a photo of the litter, we couldn't resist!
We have had many Burmese over our lifes from different breeders, and the 2 we got from Arzani are by far the best cats we've ever had. They have the best personalities, are so loving and playful, and are very well proportioned with gorgeous faces. They are both very intelligent and have numerous tricks they like to perform. They love to fetch, and they also have an understanding of a number of words (don't mention the word 'balcony' unless the ranch slider is open!).

We thoroughly recommend Arzani Burmese to anyone who wants a loving, loyal member of their family."



Sarah Harris
and Jeremy Presland


"We fell in love with Burmese cats the moment we acquired our 2 Seal kittens three years ago, they have a wonderful gentle personality, are very attentive and affectionate, and never fail to entertain us with their playful antics.We are truly converted, we will always own at least 2 cats, they will always be Burmese, and we would never go past Arzani Burmese."



Raewyn Thomson & Owen Joyce